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Charge sheet can very well be returned for Lacunae in the Charge Sheet

Whenever a false matrimonial case/ false dowry complaint is registered against a man at Women Cell/ CAW Cell vis-a-vis so called extortion cells then before conversion of the same to FIR you need to file a series of RTI's.

NOTE:- If the CAW Cell does NOT apprise you of the next date of hearing then that means it's the time to start the process of 13 rule based RTI to gather lacunaes which will be quite helpful in getting your bail especially when the police vis a-vis STATE will launch it's weapon vide ANTICIPATORY BAIL CANCELLATION against you.

In these 13 RTI's we will asl many rules/ case specific RTI's in such a manner that they are bound to disclose the contents of any falsity/ unethical practices in your case file.

CS = Chargesheet
CS should NOT be a copy paste of FIR in your case & further they must follow a set procedure.
Further, there is 90 days time limiation to file CS.
You need to work on this 90 days via pressure tactics using RTI in the form of guidelines, standard practices, rules, laws, judgments, standing orders & the link.
Once you are out of this 90 days time limitation & your 13 RTI's are in place then you get many points in hand to return the CS in the name of lacunaes in the CS when the police will come to the court for your BAIL CANCELLATION.

These lacunaes gathering will be done through 13 RTI's where we will prepare 13 RTI's including your case specfic RTI's , MLC's standard rules & practices followed by them. You will send each of these RTI's on a specific day of week say Saturday & every week one RTI from your side will go to them for 13 weeks non-stop so by the time they will come to know who you are & what knowledge you possess or not, by that time you will have in your hand various lacunaes to fight your BAIL CANCELLATION by them.

NOTE:- If you are about to send the RTI in your hand tomorrow then must inform us immediately after that so we get ample time in hand to start preparing series of expert 13 RTI;s for you thereafter to be launched in a timely manner. Also note that, for each RTI we will side by side keep guiding you when you line up next RTI because for some RTI's the time gap will be 3 days for some 7 days & so on.

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Understanding some of the key issues related to LACUNAES IN CHARGE SHEET are as follows:-

NOTE :- TEP i.e., Tax Evasion Petition needs to be necessarily filed along side on getting her complaint copy of CAW/ DV etc because this will be very helpful in both ways. SEE HOW.
When you will file Tax Evasion Petition then you will get two way sword but this two way sword will both hot at them. If TEP yields good results then dp3 can be filed on them. If TEP is a failure then that means this case filed by them on the basis of dowry is a nullity. YOU WIN BOTH WAYS.

These days, men are being tortured & men suffer cruelty in the hands of their belowved wives in the names of intimidation to file false cases. MEN CELL DELHI & each state in India & abroad have men help lines which guide & the best men cell is the one who have their personal experience to deal with such issues on themselves on dealing with domestic violence against men.


Men in Delhi are suscepticle to being hit by Domestic Vioelnce by their beloved wives as in Delhi there is a very fast culture where one can NOT stop & needs to work day & night to fulfil the family & familial obligations but if your better wife i.e., the wifey files a false case on you after committing cruelty on husband by wife then you are in a doom because on one hand you are a sufferer & on the other hand you have been implicated by false case & thirdly the biased police & biased judiciary & last but not the least the fear to come out & speak up your mind & sociaety pressure. All this results in SOCIAL STIGMA on you & family.


Written Statement is a technical process. On one hand you are being suffering from domestic violence in the hands of your wife.
On the other hand you are being trapped in false criminal cases.
On the third hand, you need to file a WRITTEN STATEMENT
On the fourth hand, in a criminal case, you can hold your evidences till the end but in the civil cases you need to open up your evidences in the first available opportunity else your those later submitted evidences & RTI responses won't be taken up so understanidng the procedure of how to write a ws is as important as inning these false cases & coming out clean with counter cases on opposite party & their witnesses by you..
On the fifth hand, your evidences which you will open up in these civil cases will give all picture of evidences you have to the opposite party who will now connive with the police to tell them to delaythe CS i.e., Charge Sheet. Here you WIN because if CS is late you are a winner & you get many RTI possibilities to ask queries & gather lacunaes in charge sheet.

Hints vis-a-vis HOW TO FIGHT FALSE 498A are provided at the link above named FIGHT FALSE 498A.

Be Confident & stop the fear of legal terrorism.


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